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Express your thoughts and feelings about your loved one who has died from lung disease on The Lung Association's Tribute Wall.

This is a chance for you to write about that extraordinary person in your life who had lung cancer, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease, asthma, emphysema or any other type of lung disease.

Your special dedication will be posted on The Tribute Wall for others to read about how much that person meant to you and your family.

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In honour of: Mr. Herbert Walter Shipcott

This is in honour of my father, Herbert Shipcott who passed away Christmas Eve 1996 from COPD/emphysema. He fought long and hard to stay here with us as long as he could but eventually his lungs just couldn't last any longer. He was a very special person to a great many people that he met through his life. He will never be forgotten.
12   Written by: Gina Shipcott    2003-03-11 at 07:56:32

In honour of: Art Juul

My Dad passed from lung cancer.He did not smoke for 12 yrs and it still got him in the long run. He was only 62 yrs. He died 2 days before his 40th wedding anversery. I am the youngest child and I was very close to him. It is so hard but I know he is in a better place now. He was the Best father. He showed how much he loved his family. What a gift we all had.
We miss and Love you so much.LoveJill
11   Written by: Jill Simandl    2003-02-25 at 00:02:42

In honour of: Barbara June Stribbell

Died of lung cancer December 3, 2002.

My Grandmother will always be with me.
Always remembered and very sadly missed.
10   Written by: Kimberly Smythe    2003-01-17 at 09:06:03

In honour of: Michael J. Heslin

In honour of our wonderful father who died of lung cancer. We miss you more than we could ever express. You are always in our hearts. We all miss you so very much!!!!! Love you dad. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
8   Written by: Anne Gibson    2002-11-12 at 19:11:25

In honour of: Mr. Larry Hoganson

My father was a heavy smoker for over 40 years and it eventually cost him his life. He survived a near fatal stroke in 1988 and quit smoking for good. However, significant damage had already been done. On May 5, 2002 he passed away from complications of bladder cancer and emphysema. My father was a wonderful man who dedicated his life to his family and helping others. I miss him more each day.
7   Written by: Jim Hoganson    2002-10-26 at 17:48:48

In honour of: Bruce Cumming

Bruce was a double lung transplant receipient who died a year ago. He was one of those reliable volunteers that was always eager to help whenever he was needed. He would often pop by to say hi and to ask if there was anything he could do to help. A life prolonged by about six years by our lung research. He and his family were grateful for every extra day he had with them. I miss him too.
3   Written by: Sharon Lottridge    2002-10-02 at 14:13:54

In honour of: Joanna Smith

We miss you very much,,,,,,Love Frank
2   Written by: Frank Viti    2002-10-01 at 14:18:02

In honour of: Clifford Osborne Harnden

Clifford Harnden is my Dad. In Jan/01 he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He went in for surgery on May 1st 2001 and died from complications on June 1st 2001. He developed ARDS (acute respitory distress symdrome)after his surgery.
He was one of the hardest working men I have ever known. I miss him dearly every day. I thank him for my sense of humor and wit and the creative gifts I have.luv u Dad
1   Written by: Melindah Knott    2002-09-30 at 20:57:09
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