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Christmas Seals Make a Difference

What is the Christmas Seal Campaign?
Christmas Seals are holiday season stamps to be used on letters and packages (not postage) in support of lung health. In Canada, The Lung Association produced its first Christmas Seal in 1908 and uses the funds to support its many programs for lung health.

How Does The Lung Association choose its Christmas Seal?
Every year a competition is held for the Christmas Seal. Many designers submit their entries and a national committee chooses a new design every year. The Christmas Seal offers an excellent profile for a young artist. Over 2.6 million are distributed in Ontario.

Who was the designer of this year's Christmas Seals?
Donna Greskiw designed the 2002 Christmas Seal, which features Canadian animals‚ a beaver, polar bear, moose, reindeer and dog, who join a young child singing a carol. Donna is a 22 year-old Winnipeg graphic designer and recent graduate of the graphic design program at Red River Community College. She is very supportive of the work of The Lung Association, being a fervent non-smoker herself and having a brother with asthma.

How are Christmas Seal Donations Used?
Funds raised through Christmas Seals donations:
How do I get Christmas Seals?
A Christmas seal package should arrive in the mail early in November. If you did not receive your package, please call 1-800-972-2636.


Make a difference.
There are many ways to provide financial support:
  make a donation
  planned giving
  online tributes
  Christmas Seals
  Golf Privilege Books

History of Christmas Seals.
Read the story online, click here.

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