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The Ontario Respiratory Care Society, a section of the Ontario Lung Association, is a progressive, multi-disciplinary organization of health care providers.

The Ontario Respiratory Care Society is committed to providing high quality respiratory care through:
  • providing educational opportunities and research funding; and
  • exchanging information, providing expertise and collaborating with the Ontario Lung Association, health care professionals and organizations to promote respiratory health and influence respiratory health care policy.

Functions of the ORCS include:
  • Providing educational opportunities for health care professionals to expand and update their knowledge of respiratory care.
  • Funding research and graduate education in the field of respiratory care.
  • Disseminating information related to respiratory health and disease.
  • Providing professional advice on respiratory care and educational materials to the Ontario Lung Association and to interested groups.

Key contacts
Volunteer Chair: Karen Zalan, BScPT, CAE
Director of Administration: Sheila Gordon-Dillane
Administrative Assistant: Leanne Rose

The ORCS has various standing committees, including:
Regional Groups and Interest Groups
The ORCS has six regional groups and an Asthma Educators Interest Group, each of which is represented on the Provincial Committee.

Opportunities for involvement
The ORCS depends on the active participation of health care professionals like you, who volunteer their time and skills for the Society. Serving on committees, submitting articles to Update or helping to plan seminars are only a few of the ways in which you can help the ORCS achieve its goals.

For information, contact ORCS staff:
Ontario Respiratory Care Society
573 King Street East, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 4L3

Tel: (416) 864-9911 ext. 236 or ext. 256
Fax: (416) 864-9916

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