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President and CEO's Message

We continue to work daily to bring you a web site with the best information about many aspects of lung disease. I hope the resources on this site help improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones living with lung disease, be it asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia or a host of other lung illnesses.

We also believe that preventing lung disease is an important concern for many people. You will find many resources on this site that can help you make informed choices to protect your lungs, whether it is to empower you to refuse a cigarette, quit smoking, improve the air quality in and around your home or to protect your lungs during a smog alert.

Many others will be interested in lung health research and its significance in their life. This is why The Lung Association supports medical research and research programs at the five leading medical schools in Ontario.

This is truly an exciting time for The Lung Association and lung health in Ontario, Canada and worldwide. Yes, there are several challenges, but more importantly, some unique opportunities. Opportunities that will allow us to better reach Ontarians with lung disease.

We very much value the financial support of those who access this web site. Your contribution helps us to upgrade the site continually and provide more and better information on lung health issues. If you have found something of value on the site, would you consider making a donation. It will be used wisely to advance the work of The Lung Association. To do so, simply click here then follow the prompts. Thank you so much.

Our slogan says it all .... When you can't breathe, nothing else matters. We want to help change this.

Don't forget to visit us often. We will keep you informed on some of the new things and new opportunities we are working on, and how you can help. And share our address with your family, friends and colleagues.

Ross Reid
President and CEO
Ontario Lung Association


To improve lung health.

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When you can't BREATHE, nothing else MATTERS.
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