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About The Lung Association in Ontario

The Lung Association is among Canada's oldest voluntary, not-for-profit health promotion organizations. First established in 1900 to control the spread of tuberculosis, The Lung Association began its work as the Canadian Tuberculosis Association. The Lung Association is now concerned with the prevention and control of asthma, chronic lung disease caused by smoking and with air quality and its affect on lung health.

The Ontario Lung Association was incorporated in 1945, and now has 32 community offices across the province. As a registered, volunteer-based charity, we depend greatly upon generous donations from the public and corporations.

With funds raised through the annual Christmas Seal Campaign, as well as other fund raising activities throughout the year, The Lung Association is able to offer public education and support programs and raise funds for medical research. For example, The Lung Association directs donations to vital research that is helping find more effective treatments for lung disease.

Since 1965, we have also been working to help Canadians quit smoking. Get On Track, our smoking cessation guide, has helped thousands of smokers quit the habit. And, our Lungs Are For Life school program helps Ontario's children choose not to smoke. C.A.N. DO – The Movement for Clean Air Now, promotes air quality inside and outside the home. The Asthma Action Program helps those with asthma and their caregivers gain control of their asthma. BreathWorks is a disease management program designed to help Canadians and their caregivers cope with the physical challenges and emotional hurdles of living with COPD (chronic obstructive respiratory disease).

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To improve lung health.

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The Lung Association

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We have 32 offices across the province.

When you can't BREATHE, nothing else MATTERS.
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