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Lungs Are For Life

Our School Program for Smoking Prevention

Lungs Are For Life is our smoking prevention program for Ontario students from kindergarten through Grade 12.

Despite the fact that Ontario law prohibits the sale of tobacco to any person under 19, adolescence is the usual starting time for smokers. At the Ontario Lung Association, we recognize how vital it is to reach these young people to help them develop the skills they will need to become and/or stay smoke-free all their lives. The opportunity to make a difference is NOW!

Help for non-smoking students
Lungs Are For Life is designed to stop children from ever picking up that first cigarette. The teaching materials and classroom activities help students develop the skills they need to prevent them from smoking or using other harmful drugs such as cannabis and alcohol. The program tries to influence and encourage children to explore their own ideas about smoking and to make informed decisions on facts, not on peer pressure.

Help for smoking students

Besides targetting children who have never smoked, Lungs Are for Life also provides help for those students who smoke and are trying to quit. This is especially significant considering the fact that over half of Grade 12 students are unable to quit and more than 70% of these students still smoke eight years later due to nicotine addiction.

Help for teachers

Lungs Are For Life has been designed to meet the Overall and Specific Expectations as outlined in the Substance Use and Abuse component of the HPE Curriculum. In addition, many other expectations in mathematics, language, science and technology, and the arts, will be met.

Lungs Are For Life provides students with information on health and social consequences and attempts to motivate students to resist pressures to use substances. In addition, this program helps students:
  • recognize and refute tobacco promotion messages from the media, adults, and peers;
  • develop problem-solving and decision-making skills;
  • develop refusal skills through role playing; and
  • affirm and make a declaration to not start or to quit smoking.

Recently revised by teachers and health professionals, teaching modules for Grades 4 to 8 provide what you will need to implement a successful prevention program in your classroom:
  • six or seven easy-to-use lesson outlines, each with an array of teaching activities, classroom resources, and black-line masters;
  • assessment and evaluation tools;
  • a useful information section listing community resources, relevant Web sites, videos, and a comprehensive reference listing;
  • materials and activities involving parents; and
  • lessons that are integrated into other subject areas.

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Lungs Are For Life was ranked one of the top three smoking prevention programs in the country (Health Canada 1994, School Smoking Prevention Programs: A National Survey).

Help us educate a generation of non-smokers!
  • For more information about Lungs Are For Life, click here.
  • To download a sample from any Lungs Are For Life teaching module, click here.
  • To download or order your own Lungs Are For Life teaching module(s), click here.

Lungs Are For Life
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