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Our Smoking Cessation Program

Ready to stop smoking? Our GET ON TRACK self-help manual has helped thousands of smokers quit the habit.

We know quitting smoking is not easy. Remember, it might take more than one attempt to quit. Follow the advice in GET ON TRACK to help you through these times.

GET ON TRACK offers common sense advice on:
  • how to get ready to quit;
  • what to do when you're quitting; and
  • how to stay a non-smoker after you've quit.

For more information or to order your GET ON TRACK self-help manual, please call our Lung Health Information Line at 1-800-972-2636. Also check out our Tips to Help You Quit Smoking).

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Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable illness and death in Canada.


Since the early 1960s, The Lung Association has been encouraging and helping Canadians to stop smoking.

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a breath of fresh air A breath of fresh air!
We are actively involved in assisting communities to develop no smoking by-laws.

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If not for yourself, then do it for others. Second-hand smoke can kill.

When you can't BREATHE, nothing else MATTERS.
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