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Clean Air Now

Welcome to C.A.N. DO

C.A.N. DO! Our Environmental Health Program for Clean Air.

Clean, fresh air... it's something we all want and need. Health experts, environmental experts, and a growing body of research agree that the air we breathe is having an impact on our health.

Still, when we think about the air, we tend to think of the outdoor air first. What many of us don't realize is that, at times, the air inside can be as hazardous as the air outside on a smoggy summer day. And that's important because:

  • On average, we spend between 80 and 90 percent of our time indoors.
  • Our activities and the products we use can cause indoor air quality problems – which can be made worse if we don't ensure that we're getting adequate ventilation.
  • What's in the air can end up in our lungs – and that can have an effect on respiratory health.

That's why we created C.A.N. DO – the Movement for Clean Air Now program. At The Lung Association, we're committed to helping you take action to reduce your risks – both inside and outside.

C.A.N. DO is The Lung Association's environmental health program. It's designed to help you take simple actions that will make a positive difference to the air you breathe. And, you'll find there are many things you "can do" to improve the quality of the air you breathe every day.

C.A.N. DO offers advice on how you can:

  • Use less toxic cleaning products
  • Ensure adequate ventilation
  • And much more
Take your first step towards cleaner air...
Call our toll-free Lung Health Information Line at 1-800-972-2636 and order a copy of the What You Can Do. This guide offers easy-to-do actions that will help you to clear the air around your home.

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