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Respiratory Health Effects and
Remedial Measures to Minimize Exposure

Table of Contents


Report Summary

1. Introduction and Purpose

2. Evidence and Gaps in Understanding

   2.1 Overview
   2.2 Effects of Indoor Contaminants
          on Respiratory Health
   2.3 Contaminants and Conditions
          of Concern in Indoor Air
          2.3.1. Dampness
          2.3.2. Mould
          2.3.3. Bacteria
          2.3.4. Viruses
          2.3.5. Dust Mites
          2.3.6. Insects / Cockroaches
          2.3.7. Animal Dander
          2.3.8. Environmental Tobacco Smoke
          2.3.9. Other Products of Combustion
          2.3.10. Products of Emission
          2.3.11. Particulate Matter
          2.3.12. Other Specific Contaminants

3. Conclusions

4. References

Appendices:  Brief Background on
                        Specific Respiratory Diseases

                        Author Information

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